04 December 2009

what you may be missing...

If you haven't checked us out on Facebook yet, here's a sample of the fun stuff you might be missing. You see, I peruse several blogs throughout the week, and find fun little tidbits that I want to share, but I usually don't find enough at one time to constitute a full blog post. So I post those little gems on the make*happy Facebook page and "fans" get them delivered right to their news feed. Easy as pie...and tasty, too. :)

Rainbow layer cake from Whisk Kid
Spray paint pop art by Jessica Wilson

Colorful paper tape from Happy Tape
Radical red pasta sauce on Sippity Sup

Reusable ice cream cones by Virgina Sin

P.S. If you're already a Facebook fan, thank you! I'm grateful to each and every one of you.


Jennifer F said...

Thanks! I found your blog through a comment you made at WhiMSy Love. (barbie tiny art) I'm joining your page on FB.

Marisa@make*happy said...

Thanks, Jennifer! So glad you're joining us.

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