13 January 2010


Happy birthday January 13th babies! There are quite a few birthdays today in my circles. There are two birthdays in H's class today, which I'm sure means double the cupcakes. Then after school, she heads to another friend's birthday party (see adorable owlie gift below) for even more sugary fun. Today is also cousin Bill's birthday. Well, Bill is Hub's step-cousin's husband. What is that? My third cousin, twice removed? I don't know how that works. We don't count those things in my family...we're just family.

Let's talk about Bill first. Bill is an engineer, like Hubs, and they're both LEGO enthusiasts. Hubs got one of these LEGO name plates last year, and we happened to find one for Bill, too. Though it may have been the last one in the US...seems they're not making them anymore. Too bad, because they're really cool.

With something that cool, I had to try to make a card to match. Here's what I came up with:

And "LEGO" detail:

Fun stuff. Happy birthday Bill!

Now onto Miss M, H's friend. She's turning five today, so H and I figured this would be the perfect time for Miss M to have her own owl.

I just love the wing fabric on this one.
Happy birthday, Miss M! Hope you like Owlina. :)