14 January 2010

valentines on my mind

Valentine's Day might just be my craftiest holiday. As soon as stores are filled with pink, white and red, I get the urge to make everything around me heart-shaped and lovey.

H usually opts for the store-bought valentines for her classmates, but I think I've convinced her to make some with me this year. Here are our finalists, and I'll post photos when we decide.
I was reading through the new issue of Real Simple this morning, and in it was a link for Discovery's Puzzlemaker. On this site, you can make your own customizable crossword puzzle, word search, maze or other puzzle (there are 10 types to choose from). Best of all, it's totally free. Wouldn't your kids love a word search with their names in it? Or other Valentiney words? I'm definitely making one for H.

Also in the magazine was a tip for what to do with all those conversation hearts that won't be eaten. Sidewalk chalk! Little fingers can just rub them on the sidewalk. Maybe if I tell the kids about that, they'll be so excited they won't want to eat them.

I was so impressed with that idea, I searched for more uses for those chalky candies, and found this. Lots more kid-friendly activities to try, and with these, the kids could still eat them afterward.

What will you be doing with your kids this Valentine's Day?
Necco Hearts Photo Source