22 January 2010

eggs in tater boats

I saw this idea for "Inspirational Eggs" on Kate in the Kitchen, and was immediately drawn to their simplicity. Eggs and potatoes are a natural pair--why wouldn't you bake an egg in a potato shell?

I have to say, I wasn't a big fan of these plain. I will make them again with a little cheese and crumbled bacon on top. I guarantee I will find those much more to my liking. :) These would be great at a brunch, because you can prep the potatoes the night before and they don't need much fuss after that.

In Kate's photos, it appears she had a set egg white with a soft yolk. I had trouble with this. My yolks set before my whites. Who likes runny whites? Not me. Further analysis leads me to believe that my whites took longer to set because I put them in a cold potato shell. I prepped the potatoes the night before, and didn't warm them up before pouring in the eggs. (Kate actually suggests this, and I missed it completely.) So, take note: heat up your skins before putting the eggs in.

When they come out of the oven (30 mins at 350° for me), they look pretty fantastic. Rustic, while simultaneously elegant. I had way too much fun photographing these. :)

Once they're cool, if cooked until fully set, you could definitely take these in the car on the way to school/work/etc. Growing up, the only time we had grab-n-go breakfasts was when we were heading out on a road trip vacation. These could easily become part of a tradition, that way. I love making something special out of rather plain ingredients.

Oh, and don't toss those cut-off tops! Bake them up right alongside the eggs with a little coarse salt (as in my photo above). Homemade potato chips--a little bit crisp, a little potato-ey, a whole lot of yummy.


Bcieloha said...

These looks so delicious and cute! I bet the kiddos thought these were fun!

Marisa@make*happy said...

They did, though they would have rather had a plate full of the "chips." :)

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