23 January 2010

the make*happy craft desk

OK, OK...most of the time I do my crafting in front of the TV, either on the coffee table or on the floor. The aching back is a small price to pay for some guilty pleasure indulgence. But believe it or not, I do have a well-organized craft desk that houses all my supplies, and even gets used as a crafting station once in a while. :)

Below desk, in green magazine files, are various magazines for inspiration. The translucent 12x12 files hold my collection of cardstock, vellum and patterned paper. The bottom right section contains extra cards, extra envelopes of all different sizes, random collected stationery, stencils and templates, and anything else that needs a home.

On top, the blue lidded box holds extra or queued cards. The blue glass bowl holds decorative edge scissors, and thanks to H, some faux pink hydrangeas. (She thought my desk needed prettying.) Below the blue lidded box is a shelf of multi-colored Sharpies and extra pens. Below that is my ultra-strong adhesive and foam tape.

Also on top is a variety of embellishment holders, my ribbon collection on a small tension rod, and my can't-live-without self-healing mat and acrylic ruler:

In more detail, my eyelet and "miscellaneous tiny things" storage:

This reused desk organizer holds, obviously, buttons and tags, tools (like my XActo, pencil, stylus, eraser, hole punch, paper scissors, etc.), and extras (like XActo blades, more erasers, extra adhesive).

Liquid adhesive and tape runners go in the blue flower pot. Blank cards, envelopes, chalks, colored pencils and my MM multi-punch/eyelet setter tin fill up the cubby on top.

 Pretty egg cups and tiny flower pots hold bits of ribbon and other stray or Need to be used! embellishments.

And finally, one of my favorites: a brightly-colored medication dispenser used to separate my brads. I love anything in nice, neat rows and adorned with labels. :)