05 January 2010

kids' craft shelves

H & J's craft corner got some much needed attention this past weekend. A year or so ago, we bought these white floating shelves from IKEA. We struggled with them a bit because our wall is not exactly level, so the installation wasn't as easy as IKEA stuff usually is. But we made it work, and piled up the kids' craft supplies. I like everything to have a "home," and the craft supplies were in dire need of a home.

Unfortunately, I neglected to notice the weight limit on those floating shelves, and they soon began to sag forward. I instructed the kids not to pull on them or put any of their own weight on them. This lasted a few months. When supplies started rolling off the shelves on their own, I knew it was time for a fix.

So we hiked on down to our local hardware store and let H pick out some pretty shelf brackets. Hubs installed them on some nice, beefy studs and re-installed the shelves. Et voila--secure shelving to hold all the kids' crap craft supplies. Hubs said they're now strong enough that we could probably sit on them, but I'm not going to test that.

I can't tell you how excited I get when I see clear boxes all lined up.

A basket to organize the card games and notebooks; 
a bucket for glue, glitter glue and pencils.

Magazine files hold construction paper, coloring books, 
paint-with-water books, and activity books.

And since you asked (OK, maybe you didn't), here's a photo of the brand new kids' corner, complete with IKEA kitchen and "dining"/craft table. I'm really not trying to advertise for IKEA, but when the kids are little and destroy, dent or deface every surface possible, easily replaceable furniture just makes sense.