26 January 2010

recycled bookmark

Here's a quick and easy gift that's practically free, recycled, and works for just about everyone.

I finished all the paper in my magnetic grocery list, and behind the last sheet was this great piece of card stock, just the right weight and size for two bookmarks. You could also use an empty cracker or cereal box.

I cut the card in half:

I used some liquid glue (that dries flat, not bumpy and wrinkly) to attach some pretty scrapbook paper to the printed side that I wanted to hide. If you don't have oodles of scrapbook paper laying around like I do, you could use construction paper, newspaper, wrapping paper...anything that will cover up the print. If your cardstock is plain on both sides, you can skip this step.

Option 1: Stop here. Tuck in a book and/or give to someone you love.
Option 2: Decorate the back. This doesn't have to be anything fancy, just a little note, picture, or "Happy Valentine's Day!"

Option 3: Step it up a notch by rounding the corners. Take it even further by punching a hole in the top and attaching a tassel. I am not a tassel-y kind of person, but H sure is. She adored this addition!

And some extra photos, because there aren't nearly enough in this post already. :)

I love my tools.