18 January 2010

thai chicken wraps

I'm posting a little early today because H has no school today, and I have to grab time when I can! I never understood how keeping kids out of school honored the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Seems to me that Dr. King valued education, and would much rather have kids in school on this day. I think I will use J's naptime today to teach H about Dr. King and the difference one person can make in this crazy world.

Here's one of our favorite dinners--Thai Chicken Wraps. I love the peanut sauce, but if you're not into peanuts, I'm including a Mushu sauce in the recipe as well. They are both equally good. I usually will put "Chicken Wraps" on our weekly menu, and then will choose a sauce right before dinner, depending on my mood.

Click here for printable recipe:Thai Chicken Wraps