15 January 2010

teeny tiny chair

Last week, I saw instructions to make this teeny tiny bistro chair out of a wire champagne cage here on Design*Sponge. Some of you may have seen the link posted on my Facebook page. I rushed right out for some champagne and twisted myself a chair. I'm thinking of putting it in a pot next to a plant, but I need to find one with the right scale.

  • Don't do this during or immediately after champagne consumption. Please don't drink and craft with wire.
  • Even though H is almost 6 and very careful, I still don't plan on letting her play with this. Lots of sharp edges.
  • Make your life easier--use wire cutters and pliers! I formed the back by twisting the wire at its midpoint around a pencil. 
Someday, I'll make a whole bunch and do a little miniature garden. Like a tiny French bistro for fairies. :)