05 February 2010

laundry room makeover (now with cabinets!)

I thought I posted this weeks ago, but I can't find record of it anywhere, so here it goes. We recently remodeled our laundry room (and when I say "we," I mean Hubs and his dad, of course), adding some much needed cabinets (these, from IKEA) and reorganizing existing storage.
I'm not even going to post any before photos...it was that bad. We had stuff piled up everywhere. It wasn't pretty. We couldn't even open the exterior door...not that we actually used the door, but it would have been nice to have the option. Well, as you can see from the light spilling into the room, the door is now uncluttered and able to open!
I love this little nook. I have all my tools hanging up off the floor, the plastic drawers stacked high (now that J knows not to pull them down), and I even squeezed my ironing board back there so it's out of the way, too. Here's a close-up of that fantastic basket from IKEA...
I just love it. It holds our paper bag stash in one section, and our giant blue IKEA bag in the other. For things to be truly organized in my house, everything needs its own home.

On the other side, we have our recycling center. Our town uses blue bags to collect curbside recycling, so that lives here--right off the kitchen and easy to access. And another IKEA find--the plastic bag holder finally mounted to the wall after years of sitting on the floor in temporary position.
And one more, of my nice neat row of cabinets with baskets holding everything. I no longer have to walk across the room to access my detergent and dryer sheets. Everything is grouped by type and in the appropriate basket. Yes, I am a complete organizational nerd. Well, maybe not completely...I haven't pulled out my label maker...yet. :)