08 February 2010

purl bee felt project: rose barrette

When I saw this project on Purl Bee, I knew H would flip for it. I had just ordered some felt for another project (see that here tomorrow), and the colors were perfect, so I decided to try the rose barrette. (Those of you who are Facebook fans saw these when I posted the Purl Bee link. I also requested photos from anyone who made these so I could post them here today, but I didn't get any takers.)
 I did the red one first, and actually rolled the center bud backward. It still turned out OK, but the perfectionist in me needed to do one the correct way, so I made a second barrette in pink. The pink one looks a smidge more realistic, but not that much. I completed both barrettes in one evening.
When I was taking photos of them, I wanted some shots of them in use, but since they're a Valentine surprise for H, I had to put them on myself. I must say...they're really adorable, even for grown-ups. I might be borrowing these occasionally...


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