09 February 2010

purl bee felt project: tooth fairy bag

H is just desperate to lose her first tooth, so when I came across these tooth fairy bags on Purl Bee, I put one on my to-craft list. It was probably the photo of the rainbow bags that reeled me in. 

But then H's twin friends at school both had loose teeth, so I thought it would be fun to make bags for them, too. And then I had an even better idea--an after-school craft session! (Which turned out to be an emergency crafting session, on the day that one of the twins lost her wiggly tooth!)

So I prepped the bags by cutting all the pieces, stitching the hems, and attaching the tooth. That left our 5yr old girls the task of hand-sewing up the sides and threading the drawstrings.

I used hefty bag clips to hold the felt together (instead of pins) while they sewed. They all did a fabulous job! The stitching is not perfect, of course, but why would it be? It was their first time sewing, and they had fun doing it. Plus, they get the pride every crafter feels when they see something they made themselves. Now if only H would get a wiggly tooth...


Sean Butcher said...

These are actually nice! My wife also loves doing these crafts for our kids. She even taught my eldest daughter Chelsea on how to make tooth fairy bags, too! And then when she went to the dentists (Myrtle Beach area), and after the dentist procedure, she gave one of her crafts to her dentist. I hope that you could see her crafts also because they are so pretty! Maybe I'll tell my wife to make blogs for you to be able to see them.

Anyways, thanks for sharing!

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