28 April 2010

oatmeal raisin cookies

Look at that happy stack. Golden, buttery and delicious.

I love this recipe. I use my one-cup measure, my 1 tsp measuring spoon, and I cheat and do it all in one bowl. I am definitely the kind of girl that likes to use as few dishes as possible, because it means less cleanup!
See that oatmeal? It means they're healthy. Nevermind the butter.

Oatmeal + raisins = fiber.

Fiber = healthy.
Mmm hmm. Here is your printable recipe. Get it while it's hot.


Anonymous said...

I want to reach my hand through my phone and grab one of those cookies! They look SO good!! My MIL made my favorite {oatmeal choc chip} while i was gone. I may or may not have eaten four or six cookies today!!!!!

Marisa@make*happy said...

But who's counting? :) I have NO willpower when it comes to freshly baked cookies!

Bcieloha said...

Ok ok.. so suppose someone (me) would rather eat cat food than a raisin. Any sub ideas? (aside from choc chips)

Marisa@make*happy said...

First of all, ew. Other than chocolate chips? Dried cranberries, nuts, coconut...butterscotch chips, perhaps? :) But really, they'd be yummy without anything added--just plain oatmeal cookies.

You're funny. :)

evie said...

holy deliciousness...can't wait to try these!

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