13 May 2010

making a skirt from an outgrown dress

I bought this dress for H on clearance at Old Navy about two years ago. She has worn my $6 worth many times over. It's one of her favorites. In preschool, when she decided to experiment with scissors and snip tiny holes in it, I didn't toss it, I mended it. That's how much she loves it.
 {Please note: my child chooses her own outfits. She has since she was two. If I try to offer assistance, she does the opposite of what I suggest. Darn independence.}

So when it started to get too short, I tried to break the news to her gently. She gets very attached to her belongings. She may have shed a tear or two. And honestly, I didn't really want to get rid of it, either. The colors are great on her, it's one of very few non-pink items she owns, and I love the dots.

So I made her a deal. I told her I would try to make it into a skirt. If the resulting skirt was long enough, she could keep it a little longer. She enthusiastically agreed.

So I snipped it.

I discarded the top and began folding a new top hem, pinning elastic in as I went. 
(I secured one end of the elastic to my starting point.)

That's not the usual way to do it. Usually you sew the hem and then thread the elastic through with a safety pin on one end. But I hate doing that, so I tried a new way. It took a little more attention, but I liked it. 

Once I had everything pinned all around, I joined the elastic.

I tucked the elastic back in the hem. See it in there?

Then I sewed the hem all the way around.

With a zig zag, so it would stretch, if needed.

I love the gathers.

There it is. Ta da!

What's that? 
I do sew on my floor. I'm not proud of it, but I'm not ashamed either. Yes, it kills my back after a while, but I'm just too lazy to lug the thing over to the table, which would probably need to be cleared off first anyway. I'm sure someday I'll learn.

H and I are both pretty thrilled with the result. She gets to keep wearing her favorite comfy dress (skirt), and I no longer feel like a bad mom for letting my daughter wear a dress that's too short. :)


Simply Mel said...

Good tip for me to do when the crumb outgrows some of her favorites!

Anonymous said...

I think it is great that you were able to upcycle her dress into a skirt she can still use. Can I send you the hoards of skirts I find at Goodwill that I love but have to leave behind because they are two sizes too big? :) I really need to learn to sew.

J I L L A I R E said...

You really need to just move the machine onto the table. The TWO SECONDS it takes to do that will actually make all your projects go faster. Trust me. It's even worth clearing off the table--or at least pushing everything from one end to the other to make a spot.

Marisa@make*happy said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah... :)

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