14 May 2010

fashion fix: flashdance to fabulous

How many items do you have in your closet that you love, but never wear?

I bought this shirt two years ago because 1) it was on clearance, 2) I loved the color, and 3) it was a little different than my standard t-shirts.
The problem, obviously, is the neckline. I like a good scoop neck. I love bateau. But this one was just a bit too wide. After 20 minutes, the fabric would loosen and one shoulder would fall off.
This would be ideal if it were 1983 and I was going for that Jennifer-Beals-Flashdance look. But it's not, and I'm not, so the shirt went back into the closet to wait for some sort of miracle.

Did I think my closet was magic? That I could pull the shirt out a month later and it would be wonderful? I don't know.

There seems to be quite the ruffle trend happening lately.  Sitting at my computer browsing through the entries for Rae's Spring Top Week, I sighed, thinking, "I wish I had the talent to sew my own cute tops." And then I got the greatest idea. I don't have to start from scratch...I can modify an old shirt to make it new and cute again! 

So I went to my closet and the first thing I saw was the blue Flashdance top. 


I knew I had to bring in the neck somehow, and I knew I wanted to add ruffles or pleats, or something pretty. I put the shirt on and played around, pinching fabric here and there. I decided to try shoulder pleats. And I'm so glad I did!
I didn't even have to drag out my machine. I made two tiny folds on either side of the center shoulder seam, brought them to the top, and tacked them into place. I also tacked the insides of the two folds together (the pieces that were now directly on top of the center shoulder seam). Then I made two slightly larger folds on top of that, tacked them down with a few stitches, and again tacked the folded edges together so everything was secure. 

Here's another picture to show the series of loopy folds.
The original center shoulder seam is on the very bottom.
And a view from the top:
Isn't it cute? 
I'm so excited that I can wear it now, and it is no longer serving detention in the back of my closet.


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