30 June 2010

i love summer

I don't love the heat.

I don't love sunscreen.

I really don't love the bugs.

But I love playing board games and doing puzzles after dinner, 
instead of the usual rush of school-year bedtime routines.

And I love lounging in the mornings.

No stress, no hurry, no yelling.

Just us. 

Playing cars in "Tape Town" on the floor in our PJs.

(Er, sorry for the grainy pictures. I must not have been paying attention to my ISO settings!)


house 09 said...

oh I love summer too! even the heat, which we don't get much of here in seattle :(

Marisa said...

Ah...that would be one of the (many) reasons I chose to live in Washington! :)

abby @ tales and trials said...

You guys are making me jealous will all this WA talk. ;) I miss summers in Seattle.

I love this post Marisa! And the tape town looks too fun. I would totally try that if we weren't about to put our house on the market. But I am storing it away in my rainy day file.

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