21 June 2010

marisa's guide to fort collins, colorado

I'm currently in Wyoming/Colorado for a long weekend visiting my brother. This is a grown-ups only trip, and Hubs and I are having a great time. The kids are having a great time, too, with Grandma and Grandpa.

(No laughing at my fashionable hiking ensemble. It was purely for function, baby.)

We're having such a great time, I wanted to share it with you. At least part of it.

We've spent most of our time so far in Fort Collins, Colorado. What a fabulous city! They've got a great downtown area, with so many yummy-looking restaurants it would take me a month to try them all.

I've compiled an adventure-filled weekend, for any of you thinking of visiting Fort Collins. Read on.

Marisa's Must-Do List for your Fort Collins Weekend

Day 1:
  • Visit New Belgium Brewing Co and O'Dell Brewing Co. Tour one facility. Sample many beers. (They're within walking/biking distance of each other, and downtown, so you can do so safely.) Don't forget to send a free postcard from New Belgium.
  • Since neither brewing company has pub food (a travesty, really. See Full Sail for an example of how to run a brewery/pub), head downtown to Stuft. This build-your-own burger bar has fantastic burgers, amazing sweet potato fries, and a really fun vibe.
Seriously, I want a Stuft in my town. Or even Portland. I'd make the drive.
  • Walk the rest of the downtown area. Don't miss Cupboard, a super cool kitchen store.
  • Head back to your brother's house to watch Zombieland. Hysterical. All that laughing will burn beaucoup beer and burger calories. 

Day 2:
  • Head 45 minutes west of Fort Collins to Rocky Mountain National Park. Take a 10 mile hike and take lots of pretty pictures. On second thought, maybe not a ten mile hike. Maybe a little shorter. 10 miles was exhausting! Don't forget Rule #18: Limber Up. And make sure you bring your brother, your hubby, or someone else more interested in trail map reading than taking pretty pictures.
  • Replenish spent calories by heading back to Fort Collins for a bento combo from Suehiro. California roll + sashimi + chicken teriyaki really hits the spot after nearly killing yourself on the trails.
  • Use those gift cards from Cold Stone that have been burning a hole in your wallet since Christmas. After all that hiking, you deserve it.

Enjoy your trip! :) I'm heading to Denver tomorrow. Wonder what we'll do there?


Anonymous said...

Looks like you are having fun! Now quit blogging and go enjoy your kid free vacation!!

Grandpa Bill said...

It's almost as pretty as the Northwest! It sounds like it's packed with places to eat, or is that your personal obsession??

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