24 June 2010

strawberry limeade/margarita

I had some ripe strawberries from the garden, some limes, and a new obsession with margaritas. 

What better to do than to mash all those things up and pour them in a glass?

I didn't want to leave the kids out, so I made them a virgin version: strawberry limeade.

And really, what's a margarita but some limeade plus tequila and triple sec?

Either way you prepare it, it makes a nice refreshing drink. 

Perfect for summer. 

Perfect with tacos or grilled lime chicken.

Simply perfect.


GimmeSugar said...

Yummy!! Can't wait to try it. Love your pictures!

Marisa said...

Thanks, GimmeSugar! Hope you enjoy your drink. :)

house 09 said...

it sounds delicious!! strawberries are my all time favorites... will definitely give it a try ;)

Bonnibella said...

I have those in my frig right now I think I'm make a virgin one today.

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