09 June 2010

sweet potato muffins

One of my closest friends just had her fourth baby. I've stopped questioning her sanity. She's doing fabulously. She's such a great mom! This baby is her third girl, so she doesn't need any more cute onesies or baby blankets. I decided to bake her something yummy each week or so after the birth so she'd have something to munch on when life gets too busy to make an actual meal.

I remember after J was born, I was so crazed that I would forget to eat. I used to laugh at people who would forget to eat. As a full-fledged food lover, I couldn't imagine forgetting to eat. But I did. Having a batch of muffins around would have helped tremendously.
This is a pretty basic muffin recipe, with grated sweet potato stirred in at the end. I wasn't sure how thoroughly the sweet potato would cook in the short baking time. But the end result is perfect. Soft and sweet, with a tiny bit of crunch--that is from the sugar and the crust, not undercooked sweet potato.



J I L L A I R E said...

Just now read this post. Obviously I wasn't checking the blog back in early June. Thanks for the kudos. For other readers, I'm that crazy mom with 4 kids! The muffins are delicious and definitely worth a try.

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