08 June 2010

xacto art

When I first started making cards, eight million years ago, I was very crafty with my Xacto knife. I cut out very detailed words and letters. I really enjoyed it. 

But then I caught the scrapbooking bug, and made my cards using scrapbook techniques--lots of layered paper, mats, embellishments.

Recently I've been reading Patricia Zapata's blog, A Little Hut. She's a whiz with her Xacto, and inspired me to use mine for more than cutting straight lines. So here are my first two attempts. I'm a little rusty, but I like how they turned out. (It also helps to have adhesive-backed cardstock so I don't have to figure out how to attach the intricate cut-outs!)


Bcieloha said...

Hey, that card looks familiar. :)

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