05 July 2010

a dragonfly and a shower curtain tip

Check out this guy. I was tying up my tomato plants and he landed on the bamboo pole right next to me. It struck me as very odd, as insects usually don't land in places near humans, at least not intentionally. But there was something about that bamboo pole that he found irresistible. He stayed there for 15 minutes. Gave me time to go inside, get the camera, come back, and have a little photo shoot. He even let me take macros--I got so close on one picture that I bumped him, he flew away for a second, and flew right back to the pole. It was quite surreal.

I absolutely fell in love with the intricate lacework of his wings.

Now for the practical portion of this post:
Did you know you can wash your shower curtain liner 
in the washing machine?
You totally can. 
I can't believe I used to buy new liners when mine would get mildewy and gross.
What a waste.

So here's the scoop:
  • Take your mildewy old vinyl (or other plastic derivative) shower curtain liner off the rings.
  • Toss it in your washing machine.
  • If you use a front loader, add an old towel. (My friend tells me the towel is not necessary in a top loader. In the front loader, the towel is used to help scrub the liner.)
  • Fill up your bleach reservoir with bleach.
  • Fill up your detergent reservoir with detergent. (Enough for a medium load.)
  • Wash on hot
  • Add extra wash time (usually called "stain cycle") if you have the option.
  • Cold rinse is fine.
When the washing machine finishes its job, your shower curtain liner should be shiny and clean, like new. Oh, and a bonus--if you have a front loader, the hot water + bleach can help clean the gunk out of the drum. Not the most environmentally friendly, I'll admit, but it works.

This might just be my favorite tip ever.


house 09 said...

amazing picture and amazing tip ;) isn't fascinating to see such intricate nature details? I love it.

Laura said...

love the dragonfly picture - what amazing detail!

i'd like to add a couple of additional healthy shower curtain tips: regular plastic (PVC) liners emit a dangerous chemical (that "new shower curtain smell"). buy a fabric liner - slightly more expensive, but they last forever. then when you wash it in your machine, instead of using bleach, use a cup of white vinegar. cleans just as well without the chemicals.

Marisa said...

Thanks for your tips, Laura. Of course, you're right--I'm usually in the "plastic is bad" camp as well. But I can't quite give up the water resistance of the plastic shower liner. Maybe someday.

I will try the vinegar next time, though. I use vinegar for cleaning absolutely everything else, but didn't think it was strong enough to combat the nasty mildew.

Laura said...

i was worried about the same thing with a fabric liner, but it really does work well! i was pleasantly surprised!

J I L L A I R E said...

Thanks for the tip. I've laundered mine before but didn't know about the old towel trick. I think I'll try it before my company comes!

Anonymous said...

I had heard you could wash the plastic liners but didn't know to add in a towel when you wash them in a front loader. Thanks for passing along that tip! And that's amazing that the dragonfly was practically posing for you. :)

Sue said...

Dragon flys will usually perch on a pole/post of some kind. They watch for flying insects..go grab them in mid air and then come back for a munch. Great photos!! Firt visit to your blog (via a tweet about your blogging schedule post) You take lovely photos! I'll add you to my reader list...now, according to your deals with your daughter I have to delete 5 other blogs from my list don't I?

Marisa said...

Ha! Thanks, Sue! I'll leave it to you to decide if your reader needs cleaning. :)

Welcome! Thanks for visiting and I look forward to hearing from you again.

Anonymous said...

you big silly...been doing that for YEARS. also only get a clear liner for our showers..the room's small enough as it is!! and if it's really ucky...prespray with whatever prewash spray stuff you have...give it a little nudge to get clean.*G*
auntie m

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