24 August 2010

a big boy birthday

My baby turned three last week.

I told him not to. I told him I wanted him to freeze at two and a half.

He doesn't listen to me.

When I asked him what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday, he said
"A cake with cars. And a road!"

I can do that.
  • "Darn Good" chocolate cake from the Cake Mix Doctor. (Just add chocolate pudding mix, a cup of sour cream, and a handful of chocolate chips to a chocolate cake mix.)
  • By the way, celiacs, the above additions also made the Betty Crocker Gluten Free Devil's Food cake mix much tastier and more moist.
  • Cinnamon buttercream, because it tastes good with the chocolate cake, and it looks like sand. (Thanks again, Jillaire.)
  • A new cake shape for me--a 9x13 cake, cut in half, and stacked. Hubby's suggestion. It's a little small for my tastes (not enough presence on the table), but it certainly was easy to serve.
  • Fondant road. Black is tough to make! Mine was kind of purpley brown. (Though it worked, for a desert road.)
  • I added some premade candy rocks and some cacti--sour apple gummies glued together with green royal icing.
Hot dogs, "healthy" cheese puffs, and fresh garden veggies helped to balance all that sugar.

Some more cake photos:
Yes, of course I made that textured fondant on purpose. It wasn't too moist due to cutting corners. I don't cut corners.

And one of Little Mister, enjoying his gifts the next morning. He was one happy little dude.
(And he's still my baby.)