23 August 2010

I'm in the mood for a little nutrition discussion this morning. 

While making some oat bran banana muffins (recipe coming soon!), I came across this recipe for "oat-free grain-free trail bars" on Daisy Janie. I said, "Grain free? Why?" She explained a little in the blog post, and linked to this website: 10 Reasons to Go Grain-Free. I was intrigued, because the nutrition people tell me every day that whole grains are good for me, and my kids, and I strive to incorporate a variety of whole grains in our diets. (Such as the aforementioned muffins.)

Most of the 10 reasons seemed pretty valid. 
#1 states that we can find the nutrients and fiber in other sources, which is true. More difficult, but true.
#3 claims we're all a little gluten-intolerant, some more than others. This is probably also true. Just like we're probably all a little lactose-intolerant.
#5 really caught my attention. Must be due to all those Anthropology classes I took in college.
#7 "Poorly prepared grains prevent mineral absorption." Thank goodness I soak my oats. And seriously? Since I started soaking my oats (after reading this article), I've had dramatically fewer breakouts and my hemoglobin (iron level in blood) levels have increased. Last month I was able to donate blood and pass my hemoglobin test for the first time in 3 years without the aid of iron supplements.  

That was a glorious day

The other reasons go into inflammation, joint problems, dental decay...all of which I have no experience.

What do you think? I have no desire to give up grains. I love my grains. But perhaps they're not as important as we seem to think. Honestly, I like the fullness in my tummy that follows a nice hearty muffin or bowl of oats. Stir fry isn't stir fry without rice or noodles. This is why I could never do a low-carb diet, and I won't do a grain-free diet, either. I can't imagine replacing my morning bowl of oats with a morning bowl of peas. Just not the same.

But I'm a creature of habit, and I can get used to anything if I do it regularly. So maybe I could do a grain-free diet. But I don't think it would be any fun. How do you make a grain-free doughnut? Is that even possible?