27 August 2010

i love...(end of summer edition)

crop--new bowl with grapes
i love my new thrifted white glass bowl.

i think it was intended to be a plant holder, but it is so beautiful that i need to use it for multiple purposes.

it's very good at holding grapes grown in my backyard.
top--new bowl with grapes
new bowl with grapes

i love rows of little glass jars, sparkling in the sunlight.
seed heads

i love wildflowers picked by my children, arranged simply.

i love that some wildflowers are prettiest after they lose their blooms.
seed heads 2

i love lazy, don't-have-to-rush-anywhere mornings.
they will cease next wednesday.

i love gathering ingredients for dinner in my garden, instead of the grocery store.

i love taking the time to watch baby quail explore my front yard on their first hunting expedition.
baby quail 2
baby quail 1

i love saying goodbye to summer, and saying hello to autumn.