30 August 2010

This is what I did this weekend to make the hour drive to Portland a little more fun.

My friend bought a kit so we could teach our girls to make friendship bracelets. 
(Theirs used just two strands.)
It brought back such fond memories, I had to pull some floss from my stash and make my own.

So fun.
What did you do this weekend?


RootsAndWingsCo said...

I taught that to my kids this summer along with boondoggle! I still love making those bracelets, who knew!? Your rainbow one is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Oh friendship bracelets!! I want to make some. How fun! I saw some college kids at church with some on and I started thinking up cute color schemes in my head right then and there. :)

Bcieloha said...

Oooooh this brings me back! The little ones were SO excited to tell me about them and show me on Sunday. "Look what I made with my Mom!" It was very cute. :)

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