03 August 2010

peanut butter playdate

Last week we had some friends over for an afternoon of peanutty play. I've made this recipe for peanut butter playdough from Make and Takes before, but this time I made a double batch and shared the fun.
This edible playdough is simply a mixture of creamy peanut butter, honey, and powdered sugar. (Click over for the quantities.) It's very sweet, but with that added protein, it served well as our afternoon snack.
Of course, most of the time was spent playing. The kids rolled, cut, squished. Our friends brought some fun cookie cutters and other playdough tools. I brought out some egg cups in bright colors and some birthday candles. We didn't light the candles, but the kids had fun pretending anyway.

Here's H with her "ice cream sundae." She even made a cherry for the top.
Next time you hear, "Mom...I'm bored!" whip this up. Your kids will think you're a genius. :)
(I can't figure out why my photos are so pixelized. I've played around with sizes and quality when editing, and they still look the same. I'm going to assume it's a Blogger problem. I get what I pay for, right?)