01 August 2010

bringing art to life

Replicating kids' art with fabric has been all over the blogs lately. (Like here.) I kept meaning to show Miss H, because I knew it would be right up her alley. But I forgot. That happens a lot around here.

It's a good thing my kid is so smart. She drew this mouse and asked me on her own, "Mom, will you make this into a stuffy for me?" 

Yes. Yes, I will.
I like her mouse better. Her drawing actually looks like a mouse, where mine looks like...a naked mole rat in a mouse costume? I don't know. The fabric is right (J's old fleece pants), but the body shape is off. And the ears are wonky.

But she loves it. That's all that matters.

Since I used J's pants, and had lots of fabric leftover, I decided to make a little something for him. I called it an ugly doll; he called it "Dollpants." You know, because it's a doll made out of pants. Precious.


Anonymous said...

I think your mouse turned out very cute! And the ears are not wonky. ;)

Robin said...

I love the mouse. That is so adorable.

Anonymous said...

these totally rock!!
great job!

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