17 August 2010

sausage pancakes

What's for breakfast today? 
How about sausage pancakes?
Or, more accurately, sausage-spiced soy/veggie protein pancakes.
I start with my favorite vegetarian breakfast patties. I was introduced to these by a college roommate, and have been eating them ever since. I actually prefer them to sausage made with real meat.

I get out one per person, and cook them in the microwave. All four cook in just one minute.
Then I chop them up into little pieces.
I mix up a batch of my whole wheat pancake batter (here is one recipe, and another one will follow tomorrow), ladle some into the heated pan, and dot the doughy top with the sausage pieces.
I push them down into the batter slightly.
When you flip, the pancake cooks up around the sausage chunks, holding them securely.
The little pockets created by the sausage hold syrup pools nicely.

That's it! Top with syrup, throw some berries on the side, and breakfast is served. 
This hearty breakfast will definitely last you all the way to lunchtime.

Edited to add: This would also be delicious with cooked and crumbled bacon instead of sausage!