17 August 2010

soft boiled eggs


Good morning! 
Breakfast week continues today with something that has intimidated me for many years.

Soft boiled eggs.

For some reason, I thought the egg white would be soft-cooked as well, so I never wanted to try soft boiled eggs. I'm not a fan of undercooked egg whites.

Runny egg yolks, though? The kind you can dip toast in? My favorite.

::WARNING--if you have an aversion to runny egg yolks. Stop reading now!::

So when Sweetpea asked to try a soft boiled egg, just so she could use the fun egg cups I picked up at Target, I did some research on cooking methods. Here is the method I used. Basically, I placed the eggs in boiling water, let them boil for 6 minutes, removed and cooled them.

Egg white perfectly cooked.
(OK, there was a little runny white right next to the yolk, but it was hardly noticeable.)
Yolk consistency perfect for dipping.


The kids got frustrated trying to scoop the egg out of the shell. 
They pushed too hard and broke their shells.

I, on the other hand, loved the experience. Such a fun way to eat an egg! 
And a great way to slow down, take your time and enjoy the beauty and complexities of a seemingly simple egg.