20 August 2010

super deluxe egg sandwich

To finish off Breakfast Week, I'm sharing my favorite breakfast sandwich.

I can really only have this sandwich in full during the summer. I have grown too accustomed to home-grown tomatoes, and I just don't enjoy grocery store reproductions anymore, so my fresh tomato recipes are limited to summer time.

It makes those recipes more special, anyway.

This egg sandwich is still pretty fantastic without the avocado and tomato. So if you don't like one or the other, feel free to leave them out or substitute with whatever you like.

But this is the way I like it:
Whole wheat toast.
Avocado--sliced or mashed on the bread.
Thick slice of tomato.
Another Morningstar sausage patty.
One fried egg, with the yolk broken during cooking.
Tillamook cheddar cheese.

Then you have to smash it all together, or everything will fall apart. 
It might fall apart anyway. No guarantees.

Do you like egg sandwiches? What do you put on yours?

What are you making for breakfast this weekend?


carlotta said...

that looks absolutely delicious! now i want an egg sandwich... ;)

JoeBee said...

Uhm, next time Im up....I demand one of these....it looks AMAZING!!

Sue said...

I love egg sandwiches.Have them alot. I like the tomato and avocado add in. I agree on the summer fresh tomatoes though. Although I have given in this winter to make avocado dip, too yummy.
I usually have fried egg with melted cheese, sometimes with fried bologna, I know that's not good for you but it's a childhood food I sometimes have to have! Oh and I need ketchup too!

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