13 September 2010

coburg antique fair 2010

Don't you just love this rainbow array of antiques?
Yesterday, as you were all snug in your beds during those precious pre-dawn hours, I was driving 100 miles to Coburg, Oregon for their annual antique fair. Pumpkin Spice and Chai Lattes in hand, my friend and I drove south and arrived in Coburg at precisely 8am. Ms. Ali Edwards posted that she arrived at 5:30 and scored an awesome giant letter "A," which has convinced me to get there early next year.

I love the finish on this dresser, but the drawers were missing some slats. 
I took a picture so I could recreate the finish someday.

There was an unbelievable amount of things to see. We meandered through blocks and blocks of booths, and got so turned around we repeatedly wished for a map. We found things that reminded us of our childhood, which is a bit disturbing, because I am certainly not antique.
I used to have hangers like this!

We saw a few items that were fairly offensive (most not included here), but I decided to see it as a celebration of the diversity of our country.

We learned about our history. We found butter churns in all different shapes and sizes; the paddle-in-the-jar type and one that looked like a rocking box. We found two types of rolling cookie cutters:
this one, and one that I purchased for a secret project.

Here are all my finds:
  • Ghirardelli wooden crate; $30. I've wanted a wooden crate like this for a long time, but was very choosy about what was printed on it. I can definitely get down with chocolate.
  • Glass apothecary jar; $4.
  • Aqua Ball jar; 50 cents. (Score!)
  • Mustard cannister; $3. For a future project. 
  • Dark metal pedstal; $8. Totally not an antique. Probably found at a thrift shop for $1 and marked up like crazy. But I don't care. I love it.
  • Cowbell; $12.50. Because, really, don't we all need more cowbell?
  • Orange grater; $3. I'm thinking it will hold some tiny flowers.
  • Graduated pitcher with pint/quart markings; $10. I LOVE this. It was the first thing I saw, but I thought the price was a little steep. I kept thinking about it, and thankfully it was still there at the end of the day.
  • Cookie cutter ball; $25. (That's the round ballish object, bottom left.) I'm turning it into a Christmas ornament, but it's not for myself. (Sshh.)

I've already put a few of the items to work:
the pitcher

the pedestal

the cowbell on my bookcase, next to a previously found iron bird

I'm definitely going next year. (The Antique Fair is the Sunday after Labor Day every year.) Probably making the drive to Eugene Saturday night, staying over, and hitting the Fair bright dark and early.

Who wants to come with me?