15 September 2010

my first (and maybe last) wedding cake

fondant pearls
Remember these?

They were for this.
wedding cake 1

My baby brother got married last Saturday. He and his bride asked me to make their wedding cake. Nothing gargantuan--Costco sheet cakes for the guests--but since his lovely bride can't have gluten, they wanted a small gluten-free cake that they both could enjoy.

I was honored to be asked, and happy to oblige.

I made a practice cake in July, to get all the details worked out.
I persuaded a friend to help me hand-roll hundreds of fondant pearls.
I made the cakes, made the buttercream, made the fondant.
I transported two separate fondant-covered tiers (nerve-racking!), and assembled on location.
wedding cake 2wedding cake 3
As you can see, I had an assistant (a gracious volunteer) 
to help with ribbon and pearl placement. 
(That's me in the black sweater and curly hair.)
I used royal icing to secure the pearls, because I did not want them popping off.
I also used royal icing and some fondant "cushion" to secure the couple's cake topper.
wedding cake 4
There it is. A little lumpy and bumpy in a few spots, but overall I'm very pleased with how it turned out. I didn't expect to feel such pressure making a cake, but as the wedding day neared, I really worried about messing up THE displayed wedding cake.
For that reason alone, I'm not sure I'd take on another wedding cake. 

Well, maybe for family. And with a lot more practice.
I think I could handle making birthday cakes, though. 
Not so much pressure there.
wedding cake 5
At any rate, my brother and my new sister-in-law were very pleased with the cake.
And I'm very pleased my brother chose the right girl.
(And that she chose him, too.)
wedding cake 7
Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. B!
May you have a long and happy life together.
wedding cake 6


Cathy said...

Your cake looks great! I love the pearls. I've made three wedding cakes in my life. For my sister, my best friend and my best friend's brother. I'll never make another. Too nerve-wracking. For my best friend's, I covered four tiers of styrofoam in fondant! I cut out a chunk of the styrofoam from the bottom layer to insert a chunk of brownie (that's what she wanted instead of cake) so the bride and groom could "cut the cake" and feed each other. The guests ate sheet cake. So clever and also the most beautiful of the three wedding cakes I made. Maybe since I didn't spend time baking and frosting real cakes.

abby @ tales and trials said...

You were so brave to make a wedding cake. I can only imagine how nerve racking it was. But your cake turned out beautiful and the fondant looks super smooth. I was highly impressed with your cake skillz {once again!} Great job Marisa. :)

JoeBee said...

Thank you sooo much for making the cake for us. It was awesome and looked just how we wanted it!! Im glad you were able to do it, It definitely meant a lot more than just being out wedding cake:)

Marisa said...

Cathy--thank you! And styrofoam is a great tip! I wish I would have known about that. Maybe I will take on some more wedding cake orders after all. :)

Abby--thank you, thank you.

Joe--I'm happy I could help! And I'll have lots more practice by the time you need a baby shower cake. :)

Elaine said...

What an absolutely beautiful cake! You did a wonderful job and you can just see the love that went into it.

Marisa said...

Thank you Elaine!

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