02 September 2010

lasagna redone: fresh and cool

summer lasagna macro

When I first saw this idea for "Summer Lasagne" on Framed, I knew I would try it the instant my garden produced enough tomatoes. It soon did, and I did, and I'm so glad! This twist on lasagna is perfect for summer. It's fresh, cool, tasty, and makes use of summer's bounty.
summer lasagna prep

In the original post, Kate made her own ricotta. My first reaction was  
What? You can make ricotta?? 
But I don't really like ricotta. 
Hmm....well...I've never liked store-bought ricotta...
So I tried it. And it worked! I actually made my own ricotta. 
It was simple and it was good
summer lasagna ricotta

So you layer the noodles and fresh ricotta and sauteed zucchini and tomatoes and basil, and there you are. 

Summer bliss. 

No oven. Just perfect.

Try it before summer is gone for good.
summer lasagna top
summer lasagna side