30 September 2010

roasted chickpeas (garbanzos?)

What do you call them? Chickpeas? Garbanzo beans? I've always called them garbanzo beans. I've always disliked them, unless they were completely annihilated into hummus.

The other day I tried them roasted. I got the idea (and recipe) from "Snack Time" over at Cooking With My Kid. I really hoped I would like them, because I've been looking for a snack as salty and crunchy as popcorn, but healthier.

So I followed the directions--except for the cooking spray, which I replaced with olive oil--sprinkled with sea salt and popped them in the oven. I cooked them a little longer because I wanted them to be really crunchy.

It worked. Think CornNuts, but healthy. Score! 

I seriously did not want to stop eating them.  I probably ate half a can worth of the beans myself. Hubs liked them, but he likes everything. I introduced them to my kids, and they loved them! I was surprised, but they were eating them as fast as I was. I went to the store that afternoon and bought four more cans of garbanzo beans.

You should try them. Really. Today. Go, go! :)