29 September 2010

green grape juice

If you've been reading for a while, you may have seen me juice grapes before. I juice our purple grapes every year, because juice is all they're good for. 

But we also have green grapes. They grow along our back fence. The vine actually starts in the neighbor's yard, and we are lucky enough to get a few stragglers on our side. But those few stragglers produce enough green seedless grapes every summer to keep our fruit bowl consistently full.
We had so many green grapes this year, despite our cold and rainy summer, that we got tired of eating them! I felt bad watching all those grapes turn to raisins in the sun. So I filled a few large bowls and hauled out my juicer.
If you've never juiced grapes before, I really recommend it. This is not your average, store-bought grape juice. It's thick, pulpy, and full of skinless grapey goodness. If you've never juiced anything before, and feel like splurging on a new kitchen toy, this Breville is a great one. I don't think there's any fruit or vegetable it can't pulverize.

When the juice is extracted, you're left with all the un-juiceable parts—skin, seeds, etc. This doesn't matter so much for grapes, but if you're juicing carrots, you can use the leftover pulp in a carrot cake. (This would work for apples, too, but I would probably remove the stems, seeds, and skin first.)

The grape juice I made was reserved for a dinner with friends, so when I finished with the grapes, I decided to throw in a few apples. Whole. It was fantastic.
Three smallish apples made just enough juice for Little Mister and I to have with lunch. Fresh apple juice. It was unbelievably delicious!
Do you juice? What's your favorite?