14 October 2010

According to random.org, the winner of the pretty pink rose earrings is...

Teri H!
Congratulations Teri!
I've sent you an email with further instructions.

Thanks to everyone for entering.

I'll be back tomorrow with my favorite around-the-house multi-purpose tool.
Any guesses what it is? What's your favorite multi-purpose tool?


Bcieloha said...

Tape! You can get lint/hair off things, drop a little ball of it attached to something long in a tight spot to pick something up, you can seal things, close a chip bag when your husband decides to put things away in odd spots so that you can't find them.. nor have the energy to bother looking to it... or you can tape shut said husbands mouth.

I love tape.

Marisa said...

Ha! Good one Brittney. I love tape, too!

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