18 October 2010

Portable Halloween Jokes

 (I promise my photo isn't blurry. The joke cards printed that way.)

As soon as I saw these printable Halloween jokes on Live Laugh Love Grow, I printed them out for my Sweetpea. She's six, and she loves jokes. She frequently tries to make up her own, and occasionally they're even funny! 

Their suggested use is lunchbox surprises, but I was thinking Sweetpea would like to take them to school and give them to her friends. But then there could be jealousy, hurt feelings, "I wanted the 'roller ghoster' one!" You know how it goes. 

So instead I punched a hole in the corner of each card, reinforced the holes with those handy circle reinforcements and slipped them onto a keyring.

Now Sweetpea has a pack of Halloween jokes, ready to share (verbally). She was so excited when I gave them to her, laughing and saying, "Mom! Mom. Listen to this! It's so funny!" for each one.

I'm clinging–clinging, I tell you–to these times when I can make her day with such a simple gift. I know that will slowly disappear.

Thanks to Allison for the printable. Head over to Live Laugh Love Grow and print some out for your kiddos!