31 December 2010


I don't actually make "resolutions." I think the word has negative connotations. If I call something a "resolution," I'm basically setting myself up for failure.

I make goals. The process really isn't any different, but the word "goal" just sounds better to me. 

Goal #1: Schedule a day each week to make something with the kids. Probably Monday. "Monday Make Day" has a nice ring to it. We'll do a craft or bake muffins or make dinner together. We've been lacking in the quality time department lately, and the only way to make sure we do it is to schedule it in.

Goal #2: Consumable gifts for everyone on my list this year! Well, maybe not every gift, but most gifts. Especially for adults. I like gifts to be cheery, without the burden of more stuff to find places for. What do I mean by consumable gifts? Stamps. Food. Experiences. 

Goal #3: Spend less time editing and composing (on the computer) and more time experiencing. Yes, this means you'll be seeing less of me. Not that I've been all that present here lately anyway. I've been thinking about this for a long time. I really enjoy this blog, especially interacting with all of you. But it's a lot of work. It's a big time-sucker. The camera has turned from a tool for recording moments to an invader making every moment about the blog. And pressure to post (put upon myself) adds a level of stress to my life that I just don't need. It also makes me feel uncomfortably self-centered at times. I don't like that feeling. 

I'm also temporarily breaking up with my blog reader. Sorting through hundreds of blog posts every day is hard. I do it to keep up with the fads and fashions of Craftblogland and to be a good commenter, but I need a break. Google Reader, it's not you. It's me.

(I've tried this already, and it's not going well. I have to break the addiction. And I will be keeping up with my friends' blogs, so I guess I'll modify my goal to "Using Google Reader selectively.")

How about you? Are you making goals for the new year?

Any favorite consumable gift suggestions for my shopping list?

Happy new year. May you be immersed in tender real life moments this year.