05 January 2011

button, button, who's got the button?

I've been reading a lot of posts lately about organization. They usually pop up this time of year. Organization is on everyone's New Year Agenda. I read these posts, then wander in to my crime scene of a craft desk, turn around, and pretend it's not really there.

But yesterday I had a free hour (amazing!) and seized the opportunity to clear some clutter. Seriously folks, I had scraps from crafts dating back to October on that desk. Shoved, crammed, layered. . . it was pitiful. (The photo above was taken after I'd already cleared all the paper debris.)

I even took the time to step back and find some new, more appropriate, homes for several things. My biggest "Aha!" moment? Buttons.

Here is the stash of buttons I reach for when I need a button. 
Nicely contained.
In a box marked "Buttons."
I appear to be organized already.

But I have this other container, with two different types of buttons.

And it does not live in the "Buttons" box.
No, no.
It lives way. back. here.
Far away from the "Buttons" box. And you know what? I never, ever use the tiny buttons or square buttons. I plumb forgot all about them. 

I love that word, "plumb." Makes me feel a little Laura Ingalls. Not Laura Ingalls Wilder, mind you, but Half Pint Laura.

Obviously, the outcast buttons needed to be moved. They needed to join their brothers and sisters, so the siblings could all live in harmony in the "Buttons" box and be loved equally.

So the square buttons were poured into the box for big buttons.

And the tiny buttons went into a box for small buttons.

And now they're all living happily ever after in the box marked "Buttons."
 The end.
Peace and harmony at last.
Birds chirping.
All is right with the world.

Bonus Tip
I discovered a big tangled mess of stray ribbon scraps while organizing.
I thought you might like to see how I organize my ribbon scraps.

Aren't those little binder clips adorable?
I wind up the ribbon, clip it securely, and toss it in a little cup with other ribbon scraps.
When I have long lengths of ribbon, I wrap them around 
a tension rod hung across the width of my desk.  
In rainbow order, of course.
Ta da! A clean desk. Mostly. It's still a bit cluttery, but it's the best I can do for now. I'm the kind of crafter that needs to see her tools all the time, or they simply cease to exist. Someday I'll have more space and can hang things in cubbies on a wall. . . or something.

Have you been organizing this week?


Genelle said...

I love seeing other craft desks. Mine takes up a good sized corner in the playroom... And lately my sewing obsession has almost completely taken over our office. I too am dreaming of days when I can have shelves and cubbies on the wall. :)

Cathy said...

I love your desk. I want a craft desk too. Maybe some day.

yellowmum said...

I do that random different places for the same stuff all the time! I had an aha moment when I married my very orgnaized husband and realized there was another way to organize things rather than by shape :) (like office supplies can all go together, huh.) He's worked marvels on my organization skills. Love your desk and all the cubbies-I bet it feels great!

2011 tapping world summit said...

I envy your organizational skills! I wish I have those skills too!

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