26 January 2011


I try to keep this blog very upbeat and positive. It is called makehappy, after all.

But sometimes, some days, I'm not happy. Some days I get into a sour mood for whatever reason and every little thing bugs me.

Today would be one of those days.

I'm hoping that publishing the things that are bothering me today, it will help me to cast them off and brighten my mood. Maybe I'm crazy. Or maybe I just want to vent to the world and this is the first way that came to mind. Feel free to ignore me. I don't want to be responsible for bringing you down with me. ;)

  • Loading the washing machine, putting detergent in, and coming back an hour later to discover I forgot to start it. peeve.
  • Drivers that don't stop for pedestrians. peeve.
  • (Ok. I'm guilty of that one on occasion, purely by accident. But when I'm walking--and I walk a lot--it bugs me.) 
  • Little hairs that get stuck in my shirt and tickle, so I have to reach into my shirt to pull them out and look like a weirdo. peeve.
  • Websites with music, expanding ads, and pop ups. peeve.
  • People touching my face. peeve.
  • Repetitive noises made by my children that would seem happy and musical on non-grouchy days. peeve.
  • Abuse of authority. peeve.
  • My kid watching movies during school. A lot. For non-educational purposes. peeve.
  • Cold feet. Literally--chilly toes. Brr. peeve.
That's it for today. I actually feel a lot better just writing them down. I probably don't need to publish this after all, but I'm going to anyway. Feel free to comment with the things that are bugging you today. It might help.


abby @ tales and trials said...

I forget to start the dishwasher ALL the time. I get so annoyed when I realize later what I have done. :)

And one of the boys makes loud noises constantly. While he is playing, eating, doing nothing and it drives me nuts. I think I might be super hyper sensitive to noises becuase it doesn't bug my husband.

Hope your day gets better friend!

Marisa said...

Thanks Abby. :)

Sundays Child said...

A peeve of mine that irks me no end .. those little plastic milkers / creamers that hold about a teaspoon of product, are sealed with a combo of plastic, paper and foil .. I need about 6 of them for a cup of coffee. They are going to be sitting in a landfill site for the next thousand years! bah .. pour me some milk in a little washable jug already!!!

Another peeve is that @$%*& car that drives constantly around this neighbourhood .. with the noisy exhaust, I wish it would blow up!!!

Next .. ignorant truckers that come through our sleepy little not-one-traffic-light town in the middle of the night, with their Jake brakes making that obnoxious sound waking me up!!

BIG BREATH .. in .. ahhhhhhhhhh .. out .... ahhhhhhh .. that DOES feel better!! Thanks for this opportunity to vent. :-)

Take care and hugs, if you want one,
Julie Andrea

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