19 January 2011

tiny baby football hat

Everyone around here is anxiously awaiting the birth of a new nephew (or cousin, for the kids). His mama is definitely ready to meet him. Don't you just love those last weeks of pregnancy? So full of antici. . . pation. Bags are packed, nursery is ready, coming home outfit is selected.

I am honored that the new little one will be warm and snuggly on his ride home from the hospital wearing this football hat, hand-knit by me.

His dad is a big football fan. Big football fan. So when I came across this football hat on Etsy, I knew it would be perfect. It looked easy enough, so I played around with some yarn and used these newborn knit hat directions on The Purl Bee to come up with my own hat.
Sweetpea's doll Janie was kind enough to model the hat for me. Girls can like football, too. Hubs thinks the photos of the doll are a little creepy. I agree, but we don't have any other newborns laying around, and I needed some pictures.

The best part is that I knit this little cutie in just a few hours. Where else? Sitting on the couch watching a movie. Thank you, Netflix, for providing hours of crafty relaxation time. Cra-laxing? It was so easy, I knit another one, slightly larger. To be worn next football season, or in case he has a big head. 

Let's hope the tiny one fits.