15 January 2011

cinnamon rolls are not my friends

I made my first attempt at cinnamon rolls recently. 

It did not go well.
  1.  It was messy. I mean really messy. I'm not a fan of messy.
  2. I didn't roll the dough thin enough.
  3. I didn't add enough cinnamon.
  4. I rolled up the dough and cut one slice at a time to transfer to the baking dish. Each time I separated a roll from the dough log, cinnamon and sugar spilled out everywhere.
  5. This made me insanely frustrated.
  6. The resulting too-thick rolls were lumpy, misshapen, and not very attractive.
*    *    *    *    *


They were still pretty tasty. 
So all was not lost.

I may attempt them one more time to see if I can fix my mistakes.
  1. Roll dough very thin.
  2. Make a paste of melted butter, sugar and cinnamon to spread on, to decrease leakage. (Maybe?)
  3. Have a drink or two before starting so I don't get so frustrated. :)
  4. Be totally OK with abandoning homemade cinnamon rolls. I still have my doughnuts. (And boy do I need to make these chocolate cake ones again soon.)
Are you a fan of making cinnamon rolls?
Do you have any tips for me?
Are you making anything yummy this weekend?


Cara said...

I love cinnamon rolls and make them all the time! I do recommend rolling the dough fairly thin. In addition, my original recipe only called for spreading 2 meager tablespoons of butter on the dough, but I end up using closer to a whole stick! This keeps the rolls moist and helps keep the (very liberally sprinkled) sugar and cinnamon stuck to the dough. While I slice the rolls with a knife before placing them in the pan, I have heard great things about slicing them with dental floss - much neater, apparently. Hope that helps! :)

J I L L A I R E said...

D is the roll baker in our family. He has used dental floss, or thread, for making easier slices. I'll ask him about other tips. He once made a Cinnabon recipe--talk about good and super-fatty. I think with the dough and frosting it called for 2 sticks of butter and 2 packages of cream cheese! Whoa baby.

Anonymous said...

Glad they were still tasty! I can't remember the recipe I tried. Seems like it was maybe PW's. Every time we go to my grandmother's house she makes my husband homemade cinnamon rolls. A hot cinnamon roll and some coffee sounds so good right now!

Marisa said...

Sounds like thread/dental floss is the way to go! Thanks for the tips, ladies.

Or, like Abby said, just get someone else to make them for you. That's my new plan. :)

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