28 January 2011

valentine-ing the house

I don't do much decorating for Valentine's day. I do more now than I did pre-kids. I probably didn't do any at all pre-kids. But it's nice to have some transitions between winter holidays and spring. 

I'm so not ready for flowers and spring things yet.

So I brightened up the dining table candles with a collection of white and glass containers.

 I stitched up a quick "LOVE" banner.
(Thanks to Erin for the felt banner inspiration.)
 Really quick. I had all the materials on hand and I think it took me two hours from start to finish.

Hung some melted crayon hearts.
(Again, thanks to Erin)
Photo tutorial here next week.

And tucked these little Target Dollar hearts around.

You know, this is one of my favorite spots in the house, but it is the most difficult spot to photograph.

And worked on Sweetpea's class valentines.
(More on those next week)

Do you decorate for Valentine's day?


Erin said...

Everything looks awesome Marissa! The class Valentine is super cute too!

Anonymous said...

Your banner turned out cute! Love the valentines. I just saw something similar the other day online somewhere. I can't find any fun boy valentines. All the good ones are girly. ;)

yellowmum said...

oh I love that tootsie pop Valentine, so cute! I can't wait to hear more.

Andi @ Jane of all crafts said...

WoW! those are all so fantastic! I have those foam hearts too!

Jen said...

Everything looks great! Those Tootsie Pop flowers are adorable! And I love the "love" banner. :) I haven't done much decorating for Valentine's Day in the last few years, mostly because I forget until it's so close to the day that it seems silly to pull them out. This year I have I have a few projects in the works, though...

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