01 February 2011

bread in five minutes: day 3. cinnamon swirl bread

So the original bread in 5 minutes recipe says it makes four small loaves. I guess I made medium loaves, because I only got three. :) But that's just fine by me, because I am still enamored with the process. And this, my third loaf, was the best one yet.

Day 1: White Artisan Loaf
Day 2: Garlic Cheese Loaf
Day 3: Cinnamon Swirl Loaf
I made it exactly the same way as the garlic cheese loaf. I pressed the dough out into a square/rectangle, sprinkled generously with cinnamon and sugar, rolled it up tight and placed it in a loaf pan to bake.

The swirl is gorgeous, no?

Hubs and I broke into it immediately and topped it with a mellow, creamy cheese. It was lovely.

But we only had one slice each, because I was saving the rest for breakfast.

For this.

Cinnamon Swirl French Toast.
Best. French. Toast. Ever.

I'm not sure if I can make regular French toast again.