16 February 2011

new shower curtain and photo wall

I mentioned Sunday on the MakeHappy Facebook page that I finally found the perfect shower curtain, after nearly four years of searching. My bathroom has the worst light in the entire house, so it was difficult to photograph, but I really wanted to share it with you.
I just love this pattern. Not too girly, but not masculine, either. When I found it in the store (Target, of course—but unfortunately it's not online), I ran over to Hubs and said, "Please tell me you don't hate this!" He said he didn't hate it. 

When I got it home and put it up, he walked into the bathroom and said, "Wow, that looks really nice!" Oh, so satisfying. :)

It looks pretty nice for a Target shower curtain, in my opinion. It has two layers—the sheer, patterned white outer layer, and a gold/camel-colored opaque liner. The combination is just perfect for our bathroom. My biggest dilemma while searching was whether to buy white or taupe. This gave me both (though it's a very warm taupe, if there is such a thing) and I don't think there is a more perfect shower curtain anywhere.

In other home-spruce-up news, I finally got this collection of family photos up on my bedroom wall. I've had the photos printed for at least six months; the frames picked out for four months. It took me about an hour to finalize a layout and hang them. Why do I procrastinate on the things that take so little actual time?
I love the way it turned out. I love seeing my favoritest people when I first wake up, especially when they're silent and smiling. :) I love that my home is slowly losing the college-dorm feel and becoming the home I always wanted. 

I also pulled down the Valentine deco this morning and replaced it with aqua glass and faux orange ranunculus. Ya hear that, spring? I'm waving my white flag. I get it, you're coming. But I still wouldn't mind another foot or two of snow before you officially settle in.

Any spruce-ups around your house this week?


Tracey @ bitsandpiecesofthebetterlife said...

I have so many plans and irons in the fire. Hopefully I will get them done and posted. You could really see the taupe well in the close up and I love that combination together. The picture wall is just fabulous and excites me to get moving on something similar. Love it!

Anonymous said...


I LOVE your shower curtain. You were right it is FABULOUS!! Love the pattern but that it is not super girly like you said. If I lived anywhere near a target I would run out and get one. Darn you Rhode Island! ;)

Your photo wall turned out so good! Love your blue walls! :)

Cathy said...

Love it! Love the photo wall too.

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