27 March 2011

chocolate coconut blondies

The original name for these scrumptious morsels is Samoa Blondies. (Recipe here, on Summer Harms' blog.) But they need a new name. They are delicious, but they don't taste like Samoas. Maybe it would help if I drizzled caramel over the top? I think I'll stick to buying the Samoas and making these, calling them “chocolate coconut blondies.”

Don't get me wrong—these are some yummy blondies. The combination of browned butter and brown sugar is bliss in a mixing bowl. I almost ate that with a spoon.

I thought at first that the chocolate was too sweet. But 12 hrs after baking (which is the ideal cooling/setting time before serving brownies/blondies. . . who can wait that long?), the sweetness mellowed. I still might try them with bittersweet chocolate next time, instead of semisweet.

My little buddy helped me every step of the way. He got such a kick out of pouring the measured ingredients into the bowl and stirring after each addition. He loved pressing the batter/dough into the pan. He even grabbed his camera and joined me for the photo shoot portion. Future food blogger?

He didn't understand the name “blondie,” however. 
I told him they were like brownies, but they weren't brown.

“But they're light brown, Mommy. They're light brownies.