16 June 2011

photo friday. five. night.

I went out with some friends last night to work on some night photography techniques. It was windy, cold. . . and so fun! I was able to test out all kinds of new things—tripod manipulation, s-l-o-w shutter speeds, tweaking exposure combinations to make lights blur or to create starbursts. No kids rushing me, no deadlines. I can't wait to do it again.

That's my little tiny town there. One of those houses is mine. I feel so lucky to live where I do.

Turning to the east:
 The mighty Columbia River and its surrounding gorgeous gorge

Need a scenic drive? 
Try Interstate 84, from Portland to The Dalles. 
Coming to life in the spring.
Windsurfers and kite boarders abundant in the summer.
Breathtaking orange and yellow foliage in October.

And this is what happens when you set your shutter speed for 30 seconds and bump your tripod. 
I think it's pretty cool. 
A happy accident. :)

Those light streaks above are lights from a barge on the river, traveling 
for 30 seconds or so while my shutter was open.
Look what the long exposure did to those lights. Amazing!

This was such a fun exercise. 
Find a photo buddy, get a sitter for the kids, and go play with your settings!


Bcieloha said...

IN LOVE with your bridge pictures!!! I must have a thing for bridges lately. That cloud one is awesome, too!!

Jan | Daisy Janie said...

These look so great!!! Thanks for sharing! I was just talking about the Columbia River with my niece today, and the parasailing that we saw in Mt. Hood a couple years ago. Beautiful part of the country!

Asam Bangia said...

gr8 pics.. sply the light streaks..

Sophie said...

très belles photos de superbes paysages ! Merci pour ce partage !

Marisa said...

Thank you all for your kind words. :)

michelle said...

Gorgeous! You do live in a wonderful place.

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