02 June 2011

photo friday. three. sooc.

As promised, this week's photos are all straight out of camera (sooc). No editing, other than resizing and adding the text you see. No lightening, brightening, no contrast added, no cropping. 

They're not amazing pictures, but it was a challenge for me to avoid Lightroom's adjustment sliders. Lightroom makes it a little too easy to get that light and airy overexposed look I love so much.

I've added my settings this time around. All photos were taken with a 50mm 1.4 lens.

 My first attempt at panning.

If you read the comments section on last week's Photo Friday, you may have seen a little banter with my photographer baby brother. (So what if he's 25. He's still my baby brother.) He has requested a larger depth of field and something other than close ups, so that shall be next week's challenge. It'll be hard for me, because I so love my close ups and their blurry backgrounds. But that's what challenges are for, right?

By the way, if you feel like doing these challenges with me, I'd love you to join! I don't plan on adding one of those linky things yet (maybe not ever), but feel free to add links in the comments section to your photo posts or Flickr streams so we can all see. We can learn together. :)


JoeBee said...


Good job sis! I'll be thinking of your next challenge soon:)

Marisa said...

26 already? Man, you're old. Sorry. I can never remember. I have to ask Hubs.

Cathy said...

I have no idea what those numbers mean but the pictures are great!

JoeBee said...

1984 sis. Up next....Rule of Thirds!

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