01 June 2011


We chose our first melon of the season this week. It was very juicy, but not very sweet. 

Any tips on choosing the best melon from the grocery store? 

I typically choose one that has no blemishes (or only minor ones), feels heavy for its size, and smells sweet at the end. This one did not smell particularly sweet, but none of the melons I picked up smelled sweet. Perhaps it's just too early?

I'd love to hear your tips!


Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

i'm not sure there is a specific tip ~ i do the same: heaviness and how sweet they smell.

i've even asked farmers at the markets, and they say the same as above.

Cathy said...

It's hit and miss for me. You sure do cut it nicely. Mine is always a mess!

Randi said...

I kinda just knock on it with my forefinger. If it sounds deep and low, it's usually sweeter.. if it's high and hollow, it probably could use a day or two in a paper bag to ripen and sweeten up. The guy at the grocery store said to check the stem for ripeness -- though none of the melons had a stem! So not sure how that would be an indicator.

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