13 July 2011

perler beads

We had the Perler beads out today. Well, technically, the Perler beads and the IKEA knockoff beads. This is usually a Sweetpea-only craft, but Little Mister wanted in this time around. He did ok. His patience and attention span are lacking, and he wasn't expecting such a grueling fine-motor test. His poor little fingers kept knocking over previously-placed beads and he was getting frustrated.
Then he discovered the joy of slowly plunging his hand into the bead container, so we took a break from designing and I let him explore for a little while.

After his play break, he decided on a new design—an airplane landing. Um, 'kay, sure. I tried making outlines for him and having him fill in the spaces, but his fingers were knocking over beads (again) and he was getting frustrated (again). So I pretty much just did it for him, so he'd have a finished product instead of a total meltdown. He did add a rainbow-colored control tower all by himself, though.
 He's pretty excited about it. And he's proclaimed it will be a Christmas tree ornament “for always.”

Have you seen these Perler bead bowls
Love the fresh perspective.

And this Perler play food set is pretty darn cute.

Have you done anything unusual with these fusible plastic beads?